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Originally posted by Gilly
You're going about it all wrong.
You need to remove the pan under the engine, then the other pan under the radiator and foglight (the bumber "apron").
Then you'll be able to loosen the radiator drain plug, but you also need to loosen the block drain plug, which is on the right side of the engine near the motor mount, to drain the block.
After it drains out, then you can start adding coolant and water in a 50:50 mix. You shouldn't be removing the thermostat or anything like that to do this job. You should also use the MB coolant.

Thanks Gilly,

Here is why I did this..

2 weeks ago, I took the car to so called mechanic, he drained the radiator, by only opening the radiator plug, and he filled it with MB coolant 3 quarts and rest water. He did not open the block drain. It appeared at that time there was green coolant, and someone did replace ccolant or added, dont know.

Yesterday, I changed the T-stat, while changing, I thought I do what I stated earlier in the post.

So, based on the what mechanic did, just flush the radiator, and what I did yesterday..what do you think?

Thanks in advance.
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