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Originally posted by Gilly
I don't have a problem with just draining out the old stuff (completely as reasonably possible) and refilling it. The mechanic should have drained the block also. In my opinion that's the only thing he did wrong.
What I believe you have done has left mostly water in it.
Is there a dealer nearby that you can obtain the MB coolant? I'd get 2 gallons of it.
It is difficult to accesss the block drain without the car being on a hoist.
I'd drain it, put in 1 qt of straight MB coolant (undiluted) then use 50:50 MB coolant/water mix, because there is likely a rather weak mix in there right now, the 1 qt will make up for the existing weak mix that won't drain out.

GillY I really apprecite your time and effort in responding quickly.

1. So, you are saying what I did (not a right method thru hose in Resarvoir and T-stat housing open, running full heat and car running) did flushed out the system entirely?

If thats the case mentioned above (1) than I had 5 Quarts of water in the radiator and the engine. Than I added straight MB coolant into the RESERVOIR and 1 Quart of water in RESARVOIR.

If thats the case why do I need to add 4 more quarts Coolant... Right know if above is true I have 4 quarts Coolant (I know this for fact, since I poured the 1 gallon in the Resarvoir) This makes 40% Coolant and 60% Water...

What do you think... I hope I am not confusing here...
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