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Re: Help the idiot change a bulb...please...

Originally posted by rbn3
I've got a burned out headlamp on my '92 500e - easy to fix I figure so I open the hood and look - air intake (?) behind headlamp assembly, little twisty thing on top that looks like a release of some sort. OK, I check the manual. Very nice drawing of the assembly and how to change the bulb in the assembly but no tip on how to expose it. Remembering how my plumbing skills frequently make little leaks into big ones, I decided to not try random disassembly. Please give me a clue as to how to expose the assembly. Thanks!!!
I don't know about your car, but my C280 passenger side is a bear to get to because of the airbox. My former ride a BMW Z3 you had to take the airbox to get to the bulbs. Sorry
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