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In the case of your 300e , the cross-over replacements seems to work fine, so you just may have had a bad replacement..or poor connections....
However , what has been noticed lately is that the later, more sophisticated [ obd2] sytems have had CE lamp activation when Universal spec. sensors are subbed for OEM.
Reasoning here is that the later diagnostic ECUs are looking at a lot more specific o2 specs [ cross counts , tight rise and fall speed/times,heater circuit current draws and resistance, the ability to drop to very low millivolt lean recognition for AIR systems self-test, etc, ...
Seems that the EFI, OBD2 systems on are having less success
here... although some seem to do fine..
I have done some scope patterns on same vehicle [hfm-sfi]
with different set-ups [ Brands/Universals/ OEM] and the best pattern I could come up with [ as far as speed/amplitude and clean sig., anyway]
was with an NGK/NTK vehicle specific replacement-...I was pleasantly surprised...
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