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Originally posted by stevebfl
There is a lot in recent (and not so resent) archives on both your symtoms and some diagnostic processes.

The main thing is to use your display as an instrument to find the problem. By pressing the "REST" button until a "1" appears on the left, you have entered actual values. Go to the archives for the list of values but by hitting the two "AUTO" buttons one can scroll up and down with item #5 being evap temp. My most common fault for your symptom would show the evap temp sensor at 150deg or more...not a likely event and the controler won't put up with it and withholds AC function.
You are absolutely right. The evap temp showed 150deg. I turned on my A/C. It was blowing cold air for about 3 minutes and the compressor disengaged. I checked the evap temp and it showed 156deg.

I guess my next question is how much will it cost to change this sensor. Can I do it myself? Could there be another problem which results in the incorrect evap temp reading other than the faulty sensor itself?

Thanks for all your help.
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