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That information is very informative.
I would love to know the conditions that led up to the steam( pronounced smoke).I do hope they cleaned your transmission cooler when they worked on your trans.
They have had the trans out and apart. A kickdown piston shifts the trans from 1 to 2 so they were in that area of the transmission. They were also in the governor which could also cause the problem.
I suggest that you take this problem to the tech help section of this forum. I don't work on these every day anymore. The tech section has guys who do.
Thats what I would do. I would also add a can of trans seal conditioner to the trans fluid. It can't hurt and it might help. Make sure you don't overfill it.(suck some fluid out before adding the conditioner)
Are you sure you are stuck in 1st? could it be in 2nd?Remember what I said about your car actually starting in second.
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