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I'm sorry, but I cannot imagine a starter that could develop enough torque to pull this off. Plus, Gilly mentioned that the crankshaft is not up to the stress, so just imagine the torque involved!

I have actually seen someone pull a car (with a second car) in gear with the breaker bar dragging on the floor to break the bolt free. It was a manual, naturally. Comical. Worked, but must be hard on the driveline and gearbox.

I hope that 3/8 extension is resting on something very substantial.
Once the pulley is immobilized, simply position the breaker bar handle such that you can use a floor jack to lift it. Unstoppable, and you will not need pipe extensions and such. Pipes can be difficult to position. Also, you are less likely to damage things this way, including yourself.

Forget the propane. The jack will overcome any stinkin' threadlock.

This is a really great trick for any large stubborn bolt with a horizontal orientation.

Best of luck.
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