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My comments about knowing the business is related more to how a shop is run, than knowing every technical detail. What raised the flag with me was that you did not seem to know the pros and cons of paying the techs commission or a salary.

I meant no disrespect or anything like that. My fear would be that if you had not been around a shop and understood the techs issues AND the customers issues and have experience handling both, my fear was your getting "eaten alive."

I think you have some great thoughts and since you're willing to ask and discuss, will get it sorted out. I am envious. This is something that I would like to do and have actually considered it.

If I were in a better location for such a venture I might pursue it. The problem for me is that I want my cake and be able to eat it too. I really enjoy living in the boondocks, but it would be somewhere between impossible and extremely difficult to pull off something like this where people make very little money.

Keep up the good thoughts.

Have a great day,
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