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If your thermostat is working properly, bringing temp up to about 85 C or better, I expect that this is mostly because of the short hops.

I would not go the expense of removing the valve cover to get rid of this condensation. I believe that the key here is to make SURE that the engine is at full operating temperature when you pull the drain plug, or suck the oil with a topsider.

Are you taking the car to a dealer for oil changes? If so, they probably let it sit on the lot until it's cool, then change oil.

If you will get this car piping hot, at least 20 miles of driving and immediately change the oil, and do this as frequently as you have indicated, I'll bet that this problem will go away.

This does not mean the temp guage at 85 C. The oil temperature lag coolant temperature alot. Drive it at least 20 miles and IMMEDIATELY drain the oil. This way the condensation is churned up in the oil, not condensed on the inside of the engine.

Good luck,
Change oil hot and change oil often,

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