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I also thought that would be a nice perk Bill is calling me back tonight I will ask him about it. I think anyone can view the museum on Saturday's but I am not sure. I am looking at 1994 500SL but my wife wants something more year round like an ML I could see a 430 or 500 ML with the full size sunroof. But then again I could just keep my SL forever. I like the fact that I can work on it.
Also my neighbor has a brand new wheel dyno (located in Fox Lake) It is the kind where you strap the car down and if you like I will ask him how much for a quick pass. Chance's are it may be that if we bring him lunch he will put our car's on for free! He runs the dyno on weekends by appt. only.His partner was a Barrington Motorwerks certified Benz wrench many years.
I love low mileage cars!
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