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My tunnel's dark again. About 6 weeks ago my cruise stopped working. Same problem - surging. Peter sent me a new amp, but the problem is still there. I know the switch is good, speed sensor is good, actuator and amp are the only suspects. I am now looking for a suggestion other than GDL. I'm not satisfied with the performance of their testing (no 123's to road test with, actuator should be ruled out by this point) or rebuilding (many amps) or most recent response to me, as I spent money and a lot of time to be right back where I started. Has anyone had success with others? Do they stand behind what they do? Is it unreasonable to expect more than 6 months service from a rebuilt amp?

(As before, I will continually update this thread until my cruise works for a reasonable period of time as I hope it might help others with similar problems and/or considerations.)
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