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Ac redirecting from center vents to windshield...

may not always be due to bad actuators in the dash.

Just a couple minutes ago I finished the grueling 10 minute process of upgrading the fuse box on the 560 from the 25amp fuse for the blower to the 30 amp MB recommended fix. Very difficult indeed.

I finally got tired of blowing the #16 fuse so I ordered the kit. Kit arrived today and I couldn't wait till tomorrow to fix. Simply open the fuse box, remove the two hold down screws and lift. Hardest part of the job was fishing the harness through the intermediate firewall and then through the front of the box. Attach the wires at the mounts and reinstall the fuse panel. Tada! ACC works perfect again. Still have to secure the strip fuse to the fenderwell, but that can wait to tomorrow.

Of course, had to test the system. Soon as I started up I noticed the economy gauge was max red, with no reaction. Knew instinctively that I had to have knocked off the vacuum line. When I went to look for the line, I found I had knocked the 3 legged spider off on the front of the firewall. Close inspection showed the rubber to have swelled and hardened, so it really wasn't gripping the nipple. I trimmed the bad section back, lubed the vacuum line and installed it. Then had to go for a test drive.

The economy gauge was higher into the black than I've ever seen it under level driving conditions and almost completely in the black at idle. Prior to this little fix, under moderate acceleration the AC would redistribute to the windshield. I figured the actuators in the dash, but really didn't want to go there yet. After the fix, even under hard acceleration the AC blows out the vents as was designed.

If you AC redistributes under acceleration, check the 3 legged spider first before gutting the dash.
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