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Lately Iíve been wondering if itís time to part with my 1985 190e. I bought the car 2 Ĺ years ago because I wanted a Mercedes and the price of entry was quite reasonable. However, as I look at the things that Iíve repaired over the years, I wonder if Iíd do better by selling it and buying a newer car. Here is a shot list of repairs that Iíve made.

Aux fan switch
Aux water pump
Shocks (4)
Steering shock
Front strut to frame mount
Master break cylinder
Break pads (4)
Head gasket
Distributor Cap & Rotor Replacement
Condenser (soon- maybe)

Currently, the car is in good condition and has never needed a major repair or overhaul. All of the items Iíve replaced have been ones that normally wear out over time. And, since my car is a 5spd, which I love, itís going to be hard to find another like it. What do you guys think? Are the items Iíve replaced consistent with that of a 15 year old Benz?


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