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I also bougth my MB (although it is the undestructable 124, 300E) about two years ago with 275 km (170K miles) on it. The car had 5 owners before me so proper maintenance was in question. Some of the repairs were obviously done by hacks (ie. driver side doorpanel was literally torn off, all the clips broken, morons!!!). The list of the parts that were changed prior to my ownership is: water pump, rad., diff. bushings, brake rotors, fan switch. These are the ones I know about.
Since then I have put on about 100k miles and changed the following: coolant temp sensor, belt tensioner shock, viscous fan clutch, speedo cable (my fault, over streched it), transmission mount, rightside drive shaft (car was in an accident before I got it, mechanic put in a used one), ignition coil (put in used one), power antenna. Car had been towed only once (ignition coil), for free by CAA (same as AAA in the US). I put on 150 to 200 miles per day 5 days a week. All these repairs cost me less than $1000 CAD ($700US) mind you I am somewhat of a DIY-er. Do the math less than $50 CAD per month. Pretty darn good for my experience. And I am sitting in one of the safest automobile (the other day I almost flipped my girlfriend's Camry on the highway, what a s...tbox) out there with the styling that looks good forever, performance, reliabilty and longevity. And when my friends ride in it (some of whom are rabid BMW fans and drivers) they don't beleive it. 14 years old with that kind of milage, runs and looks (charcoal grey with tinted windows, clear blinkers, lowered susp.) this good!
Enjoy your car for many years to come.


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