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Looking at your list of repairs, I think that it's plus and subtract a few from my list. I also do have an '85 190E 2.3, 5-speed. These cars are good cars, and they're hard to find, especially if it's a 5-speed. After replacing those items, you shouldn't have to replace anything much anymore, since most of it is covered. Any 15-year old car will have it's list, but your list is shorter and your car will run much better than others.

I, too, thought the same way as you did. I wanted to sell it and get a Honda Accord. ( What a big mistake.....) I currently have 243k miles on it. PRobably the only thing that I need to do is change the shocks ( never been changed yet) and repaint the car. I'm hoping that it'll run till the odometer hits 500k miles.

Happy driving,

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