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Re: Micheal Jackson Changes a bulb...

Originally posted by rbn3

Grab the "bulb" by the black plastic part with you greased up meat hooks - click the link to see the bulb.

Gloves are 12.95 for 6, bulbs are $6 each. Gloves look like a nice way to dust, are washable, fit either hand and are white. Nice fashion statement at the very least and good advice to protect against accidental touch. But I've never had a replacement bulb burn out in less than 5 years in my very old cars. On the other hand I don't drive much and not much at night, and the 500e never sees the short days of winter.

The Microfiber Gloves are great to clean between slats in the vents, around the headlight switch, and other places. I also have a few different sizes of Microfiber, I get them at Bed. Bath and Beyound, there about Dish drying size and are half the price you pay at the auto parts outlets and a lot heavier material. Between the cloth and a Calfornia water blade, drying time is quick. Two great thing out of CA, Calfornia Water Blades and Dusters, don't you wish they could do that with their leaders?
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