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Coolant Temperature Sensors/Senders

I noticed that on a 1994 c280 that there are 3 temperature sensors/senders connected to the water pump. Looked up the part numbers and the various descriptions I get are:

A/C ACC temperature Sender/sensor (top of water pump toward the rear)

Water Temp sender/sensor - single pole (top of water pump toward the front) "120 degree max" stamped on the sensor

Water Temp sender - Motronic injection (points out from the side of the water pump)

What do each of these sensors/senders do?

My specific problem is that the temperature gauge in the dash is running high and would like to correct the false reading on this 94 c280.

For those who are curious, on my 96 c280 instead of the 3 sensor/senders, they are apparently replaced by a single sensor connection and the connections to the other 2 sensors on the water pump have obviously been eliminated. Thanks.

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