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Well, the 'ole 300TE ('88, 156k mi.) sprung an oil leak a few weeks ago at the back of the head. Thought it was the cam cover-wrongo. Not only that, a bit of oil had just begun to collect in the bottom of my expansion tank. Head gasket time

The plan is to do the complete valve job-guides, seals, lifters (as a couple were marginal) as well as the water pump (BTW the car was in for a preventative radiator upgrade anyway-still had the old style non-reinforced radiator)and most/all coolant hoses since this is the perfect time. Also will be doing the timing chain, just because it has 150+k on it. The sprockets look fine, so they'll remain, as will the cam. As I understand it, the timing chain tensioner rail gets little wear, so likely it'll remain unless y'all advise otherwise.

Anything else you guys/gals can think of? Plan is to keep this car forever, so if there's anything you good people think would be prudent/cost effective to replace given my car's torn-apart status, please chime in.

Thanks in advance

All the best, Michael

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