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Mike Stone
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Why have I used the same Garage for over 20 Years.

This thread set me thinking.

I have had a string of MB's serviced and maintained by the same people for over 20 years now.

The reasons are fairly simple.

1/ They do the work correctly, first time, at a fair price.

2/ They do not mind if I go over to talk to the mechanic who did the work.

3/ The always "Listen" to the customer when he has a problem. They do not assume they know it all.
Mind you they do know an amazing amount.

4/ They give me feed back about the condition of cars I own and advice when I think of changing.

5/ They are "Nice" people who have no pretentions and can relate to their customers.

6/ Being a prudent person with money, that's how i afford MB's, I appreciate that they do not spend a lot of money on the "Glitz" of a smart waiting area Etc. Etc.
It's clean, has chairs, some magazines and a free coffee machine
That's all anyone needs and I would be helping to pay for it if they switched to leather & walnut.

By the way, they started from scratch, having worked for the local MB Dealer.
They now have a very nice business with many loyal regular customers.



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