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Right, there's no dipstick, but there is a dipstick tube, which is capped, and the cap has a one-time use breakable seal on it (which should be replaced if the cap is removed)
The transmission is very critical on fill level, it is very temperature dependent, so they chose to not have a dipstick for fear it will not be filled to the proper level. To fill it to the proper level requires monitoring the fluid temperature. The temperature sensor is built into the transmission, and is read out using the shop computer (SDS=Star Diagnosis System).
If you buy the special tool dipstick, you'll find it's about 1 or 2 feet too long for the tube, it is simply pushed in until it won't go in any further, it's not like the cap which covers the top of the tube or anything, it can't stay in the tube, it's too long.
Hope this clears up the confusion for you.
I don't recommend trying to alter the fluid level or trying to drain and refill the transmission fluid without these 2 tools (SDS and the dipstick), the transmission is a scavenged case design and it's critical to get the level correct.

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