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Yes, I think Michael hit the nail on the head - they just want to get close to spec it.

Most guys love exotic cars, and in the years I owned my 350SL and this last week of my R129 ownership it was exactly the same pattern for me too. I always thought they were racing until they stayed behind me.

Even I do the same to new Porsches, Ferraris and Bentleys and high end MBs (but not in my Merc... so uncool )

When you consider it, our cars are relatively rare sights on the road, even in the places you'd expect to see them most. I did an extensive day tour round Beverly Hills when I was in LA last month, and even in the most expensive areas there was only the occasional Porsche to be seen. Some ML's and the odd Jag, but nothing else - unless you count an eccentric old guy in a Rolls.

Even in my trip through Universal Studios parking lot, there was a couple of Porsches, a smattering of Lexi and a lot of mid-range Japanese autos.

I saw only one SL in that time.

With only 179,000 R129's produced over 11 years means little more than 16,000 a year were bought throughout the world. Of those, I know 47 were sold in my city by one dealer in that whole period. That's not a lot by any standard.

The world is full of ordinary cars, and the tiny percentage of SL's stand out. No wonder people want to stare at us.

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