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Every now and then you see justice done to one of the 'harrassers".

Recently, I was headed home from work in the 500SL and stopped at a traffic light next to a convertible Mustang. He was "goosing it" and letting me know that he wanted to check things out. So, I hit it pretty good at the light change and backed off at the speed limit. He, and his buddy in trail, kept on stepping up the pace and even induced another car they passed to join them as they headed by the fairgrounds. They were probably going close to 80 in a 45 MPH zone.

As luck would have it, a Deputy Sheriff was headed in our direction with radar on. I saw him hit his lights as he lit up these guys and I politely slowed to let him cross the median in front of me. Then I watch as he caught up to each of the three and motioned them to the side of the highway. I politely honked and waved as I chuckled while driving by.

Had I not been used to being 'challenged' by every Taurus, Camry, Expedition, etc., I would have probably merrily joined the chase. Glad I avoided that one.
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