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1997 C230; What Could Cause ALL These Symptoms???

I'm about to schedule the C230's service appointment. Here are the symptoms (W202 1997 C230):

1. Auxiliary cooling fan stage one not engaging (not sure either way on stage two). Thanks M.B Doc & John .

2. Climate control cooling stops cooling (it still blows) when car stops moving.

3. Slight rise in engine coolant temp when car stops moving (only once over 90).

4. Engine coolant temp. taking a LONG time to reach operating temp.

Any guesses? (The weirdest part of all this is the car drives great and the mileage is as high as it's always been).

I wonder if this is ONE or SEVERAL problems all happening together?

I read somewhere, but have no information, that the 1997s had something defective in the instrument cluster and wonder if this could possibly be the cause of all these symptoms.

Any help greatly appreciated. Best regards,

1988 300 SL (5 Speed)
1994 E320 Wagon
1997 C230
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