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It is probably your fuel pump relay. Same EXACT thing happened to me. It will start getting worse and worse as time wears on. Humidity will cause it to happen more often too. I could start my car back up immediately until the very last time it died. If you can restart your car immediately, you'll not be able to remove the relay as a possibility. If it does fail completely, you can find out if it is the relay by jumpering two pins on the relay's socket with a piece of wire. When jumpered, the pump will run and the car will start.

If you have a basic mechanical aptitude, you can fix it for free if you already have a soldering iron and some solder laying around. Simply pull the relay, pop the cover off, and remove the circuit board. Find the largest pins on the back of the board and get them hot enough to liquify the solder and add just a bit more fresh solder. That's it! I could actually see where the solder joints had broken on mine.

I have also fixed my idle speed control module this way and hear that you can repair your cruise control module too.

You might want to go ahead and find your fuel pump relay and get the pin numbers to jumper. If you carry a piece of wire with you and know how to jumper it, it could mean the difference between towing or driving the car back home.
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