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Tierod removal and installation

Ok, the tierods have been ordered and delivered (Thanks, Phil!). I noticed that they are identical except for the retaining nut -- item #2 (what is the proper name?).

Check out this picture:

Ok, my plan -- obviously -- is to install it just as the current one is installed. Here are my question:
  • I assume that both ends should be screwed out until they match closely the length of the one removed.
  • Once the ends are secured, I tighten the hex clamp (3), then tighten #1 against #2.
  • Therefore, to adjust toe, one would loosen the hex clamp (3), adjust, retighten #3 and tighten 1 against 2 again.
  • My current (old) tie rod has a larger nut where item 2 is on this tie rod. This new one isn't a nut at all, just a thick metal washer type thing. This holds purely by compression against the split, tapered sleeve, correct?

Please instruct, correct, and enlighten. I plan on driving straight to the alignment shop.

I currently -- at rest -- have about 2" play each way before the steering mechanism moves the wheels. It is primarily the left tie rod, on the inner end.

By the way, my toe is out about 1/16 (thanks, LarryBible, for instructions). It is supposed to me toed IN 3/32. Therefore, I am toed OUT 5/32, just a little more than 1/8. Should explain my outside edge feathering on the front tires, too.

Thanks mucho.
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