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Question 1972 450SL distributor's centrifical advance

I replaced my archaic point, condensor, ignition module and ballast resistors system with a drop in Pertronix (hall effect) ignition. Big improvement (car no longer shutters under hard high RPM acceleration) and only costs $69 and 1/2 hour. Looking forward to improved MPG as well (I hope).

My original stock distributor end play is fine but I have a concern.

The centrigical advace spring does not feel like it pulls the rotor completely to the end. When i rotate the rotor by hand and then release it the centrifical advance mechanism does not snap the rotor all the way back. I estimate that there is ~3 degrees of rotor rotation left that the advance mechanism does not pull back to. Does this mean my centrifical advance is worn (springs?)? Should it pull completely back or is a little wear here not worth fixing? Can new springs be bought and is it worth pulling out the distributor to improve this?

1972 450SL
1982 300D Turbo
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