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Our '79 300D starter motor has begun to sound as if the starter cannot completely disengage from the ring gear when the engine fires- result is a not-very-pleasant grinding noise. No matter how fast you release the key when the engine fires, we get the noise.

Do these starters have the equivalent of a "bendix drive" like the Delco units I am used to?- if so, could this be the cuplrit, or could it be a defective ignition switch that is not releasing in time?

Also- I'm used to my Ford 6.9 Diesel truck engine firing almost instantly when the key is turned (way faster than a gas engine) - but it seems the 300D needs at least 6 0r 7 spins of the starter before it catches, even when warm. Is this normal for a Bosch fuel injector pump, or does it need adjustment?

Thanks to all for your help!
Nate Stanley
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