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rear suspension links questions...thrust arm, tie rod...

Alright guys, I'm still on the hunt for the 500E's pulling problem. After over 100 replies in the other thread regarding the problem, and hundreds of views, you guys have been a hug help to me. The last thing we came up with in trying to narrow why the 500E is pulling to the right on a strait road was the rear suspension links.

Just to give background to those who don't know, because it is important in figuring this out is that it was in an accident. In the accident the left tie rod was replaced, a new camber kit on the left side, a new thrust arm on the left side, a new control arm on the left side, and a new lower control arm. The only thing I didn't see that was replaced was the camber strut. Everything got new bushings on the left side, and NOTHING was replaced on the right side. The right side still has an 11y/o tie rod, thrust arm...everything is old. I brought this to the attention of the person who's been helping me try to figure this out. And he does NOT think that old links on the right side would make any difference.

People on the forums suggested that the rubber in them might be worn out causing the links to be "loose" and cause movement in the back end. I asked him about this and he says that he didn't see that any of them were loose and that they do not wear to the point where it would cause this problem. He just refused to believe that old links on the right side and new ones with new bushings on the left could cause such a problem. Anyone ever have experience with this? They are 11 years old, there HAS to be wear on the rubber. And from what I understand, without removing the links and the bushings it's impossible to tell how badly they are worn.

What do you guys think? Anyone ever replace only one side and have this problem? Or replace one side and NOT have this problem? Is the tech bs'ing me or could this possibly be the problem. Thanks so much guys.
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