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No question that the 112's and 113's will pound a lot of miles before requiring any internal attention, they are terrific engines.

From a manufacturing standpoint look at some of the savings that are prevalent with new technology.

Cast parts are so close to tolerance that some by-pass the machining step and just wait to be installed. Connecting rods are now cracked at the separation point so the only machine work needed is the bore than divot for the rod bearing tab. A majority of sealing surfaces on the engine now get a bead of sealant instead of a gasket. When fitting a vehicle with an engine the 112 and 113 allow greater flexibility because they are more compact as well as lighter than previous engine designs.

Compact, lightweight, better power production, lower production costs, more flexibility, what more could one ask for. I suppose we could ask for a more durable transmission?
On second thought……….maybe not.

Have a good weekend all.
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