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Another 722.6 bites the dust?

Well, it's a bit of a mystery to me. On rare occasions my car will have a slight hesitation when pulling away from a dead stop, and only when opening the throttle rapidly. This has stumped me, and since it is occasional, it of course has not done it for the dealer.

Today, it did it for the mechanic! Is that not miraculous in itself? Anyway, after several hours of consternation, they have decided it is a flaw in the transmission. I am surprised that after 147,000 kilometers (92,000 miles) the tranny is not right. These things usually fail at an early age if they are going to fail.

Here's the good news: Instead of taking the tranny apart and starting down some road to trying to solve a problem, they are simply going to replace the entire transmission and torque converter assemblies, all under my extended warranty. I think I just got much more than my $1300 back...

The bad news? Well, my early build 722.6 didn't have the durability I had hoped for. Hopefully the new unit will last at least as long...
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