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First off I would like to say thanks for all your help so far. Secondly, I have a couple of questions. Well heres my story, I just got the car running about a month ago and had nearly the entire fuel system replaced (due to sitting for 3 years) I had some of the ignition system replaced also. Well the car was running quite slow and had trouble starting when cold. I replaced the OVP, well after I replaced it the car stumbled for about a minute and was idling at about 1000rpm, I drove it and it accelerated like a rocket, but then the car acted as if the throttle was stuck (car would maintain about 30mph with my foot off the gas) I floored the accelerator a few times and the problem went away but then it started driving like it did before I replaced the OVP, it starts much easier then before but doesnt accelerate like it did. OVP is brand new and ABS still works. Thanks for your help.

P.S. I was wondering, what is this thing that is below the coolant resevoir, it is some type of coolant pump cause I can feel it vibrating with the key on, what is the purpose of this?

1986 300E
1997 Acura Integra GS-R

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