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Well, the Ohio Highway Patrol finally nabbed me in the 300SD! Was on the Turnpike on my way to South Bend, Indiana for the Notre Dame/Boston College game (GO IRISH!) and we were into some heavy cruising (for a diesel, that is) at around 100-110mph. Came over a little hump in the road and there he was sitting in the center, BS-ing with another patrolman when I saw him. Had the Passport on full volume but his laser must have been way to quick because my fuzzbuster didn't even register a tick! He pulled out behind me and the lights went on. Said he clocked me at 90mph in a 65. Oops! Automatic court appearance! Oh, did I mention maybe a 60 day license suspension?!?! Well, perhaps some of my lawyer buddies can help me out here. Anything 25mph over the limit is wreckless operation and that means four points! I have no points on my license now and believe it or not, have only been nabbed one other time in my life and that was way back when I was a minor. So my record is clear and has been for a very long time. My court date is the day after Thanksgiving so maybe the 'ol judge will take it easy on me. Wish me well boys. Oh, I was very much relieved when he told me he 'only' clocked me at 90! We had been cruising at around 110 for one helluva long time! He was probably shocked that he got a diesel going that fast! Well, at least Notre Dame won that day and we made it back home (a 250 mile trip) in about 3 hours and 5 minutes with my buddy at the helm. BTW, this buddy of mine got himself a 90 in a 65 just yesterday in his BMW Bavaria! Cops must really love us German car drivers. Good thing we weren't driving my 745i or the Jensen! I'd still be in jail!

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