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Oh, those Ohio traffic laws are the worst! I grew up in Columbus, my first speeder got me a fine and a 30 day suspension. What I have learned since is to always fight your ticket. There are many books out there on the subject. Here in California, a wreckless operation charge is a misdemeanor. With a misdemeanor, the defendant can demand a trial by jury (remember, you can defend yourself, you can demand this yourself). The court will not want to send this to a jury trial due to cost (there still are REAl criminals out there), so you can use this as a means to plea-bargain, admitting quilt to a lesser charge (maybe just a speeding ticket - far fewer points). You can also sometimes get lucky and have the cop not show up to trial, and then the charge will be dropped, even on a misdemeanor. If I remember correctly, Ohio does not give the option of traffic school, so there is absolutely no good reason not to fight your ticket.

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