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Originally posted by stevebfl
Due to all the modifications they made to that trans it is brobably fair that they give everyone one.

Unfortunately their lack of ability to repair such problems is one of the big reasons car repairs are so costly. If a dealer won't fix such problems why would an independent.
I agree with the last paragraph. Why would someone try to fix the 722.6? An indie shop might be presented with an ailing car, but the dealer diagnosis might already have been sought, and "replace" instead of "repair" was the prescription. Here, the tranny is $5K and the associated parts (converter, etc) and labour are another $2K or so. $7000? I've owned lots of cars that cost less than that figure! I'm not sure what I would do if I didn't have the warranty. Could I find someone to fix it? Maybe not. Expertise is in short supply, and that's not unique to Mercedes-Benz. Honda, Toyota, etc are all incredibly complex now, and I suspect few techs every try to repair problems.
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