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The best 2 I heard about getting out of a speeding ticket:

1) This one's from a Judge friend of mine, and he swears it works in Texas: When you get the ticket, insist that you be taken in to the station house. When there, demand that the radar gun be impounded for evidence. Most places won't want to lose the radar up until the trial...

2) I'm sure this is an urban legend. You know, a friend told me this story and swears he knows the guy that was pulled over by a sheriff's deputy. When the deputy asked him if he knew why he got pulled over, he replied, "yup, you want me to buy some tickets for the policeman's ball". To which the deputy replied: "I'm a sheriff's deputy, and we don't have balls"... The deputy then realized what he said, handed back the license and registration and walked away...

Bill Streep
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