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Im glad this topic came up because I just got pinched this morning for cutting in a solid lane. It was morning rush hour in NYC, and I was at the end of the pack at the right lane, when i decided to get into the left lane, shoot to the front of the pack, and cut over back into the right lane where the solid white line is. The bastard was standing there with his nice shiny boots up to his knees, and his bike parked on the side. He jumped in front of the car, and he pointed, directing me to the shoulder. I told him that a truck cut me off, so thats why I ended up in the left lane, and had to cut back in at the last moment. He issued me a $70 summons, and I asked him how many points would this ticket be on my license--he said 2. This has been my first "moving violation", so there goes my perfect record. I plan on getting a lawyer, and fighting it. I want to keep my perfect record. So Aaron, I know how you feel. It feels pretty crappy to get a smear on your driving record.

For you New Yorkers....This happened on the Gowanus Expressway/Prospect Expressway west heading into the city from SI/Bklyn. The SOB waits for you where the road divides into the BQE, and the battery tunnel. BEWARE!!!

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