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Gee whiz guys, nobody ever learned the principle of cause and effect in school? How can you cherish a perfect driving record but not care whether your driving is perfect?

OK, we all like to go fast but why do some people get stopped often and others hardly ever? Maybe its not the speed but the circumstances that gets you!!

I got my first ticket in 20 years while driving through Idaho on holidays. Was feeling pretty smug using my GPS to go exactly 10 mph over the limit, which allowed me to sail past all the cops. Got careless and pushed it while passing a string of road slugs up a hill and guess what - a trooper was parked over the crest.

He gave me the ticket and some advice on local sights to see. We spend the rest of the day in Zion State Park and it was worth the ticket. I sent in my cheque when we got home and wrote a thank-you note for the cop...every once in awhile you need a reminder to slow down and smell the roses.

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