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Wow, how ironic that as I read this thread, I have a hearing at 1:15 PM later today...I guess I kind of asked for this one, but it was 3 AM one late saturday night in August and I was on my way neighborhood lies off of a two way, three lane in each direction highway so I was crusing at around 70-75...and I spotted two county cops sitting in a field off to my right. I saw him pull out behind me, so I knew the deal...pulled over and the guy was a REAL jerk. He was very confrontational, then when I asked to see proof of my speed, he said the radar officer is in the other car, no you can't.

There was no way he was gonna be lenient on me...a kid 10-15 years younger than him in a big benz with big wheels at 3AM...I knew I was sunk just by the look on his face when I lowered the window.

But the worst part is........the guy said I was doing 81!!! in a 45....I'm sure you can do the math. This translates to NOT GOOD, since I have two other tickets within the last 3 years in MD. I admit...I have the ol' built in radar but it was off. Need to invest in newer technology I guess. But I know I wasn't doing 81...(now there is a long stretch a couple miles down, closer to my house where once in awhile I push it to about 130 or so, but hey...let's deal with the FACTS people)

Anyway, I asked for continuance at my first hearing, and I'm sure the pricks will show up. But the one thing I have in my favor is that one of the prosecutors at the courthouse is a family friend and will represent wish me luck.

Sorry if I bored you guys to sleep but I thought I'd share my story. Wish me luck.

Chris Singh
1983 300D (ODO dead at 289k and still churning)
1993 500SEL brilliant silver monotone w/ AMG monoblock II 19", clear corners, 600 grill, in car multi monitor entertainment/computer/mp3/navigation system
Had an 89 560SL
Had an 89 50SEL
Had a 90 300E (miss ya)

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