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Agron - if this was your first offense just go to traffic school. You think it's worth it to get a lawyer? How can you possibly win if the cop was standing there just *watching* (and ostensibly waiting for) you pull out and pass a string of cars illegally? No getting out of this one. Sounds like a dumb decision, no matter what you drive.

The ambiguity of radars and speed traps are an entirely different scenario. I think Aaron should fight this, not simply take his chances by rolling over and begging for mercy with four points, a big fine and a possible 60-day suspension on the line.

As to the posts about slowing down and smelling the roses - why even bother taking up server space posting that kind of garbage here? The man has a BIG ticket. Slapping him with some BS story about cheerily accepting a ticket and hugging a cop isn't going to help him.

Believe it or not, there are tens of thousands of miles of highway in THIS country where the surface, visibility and amount of traffic makes it perfectly safe to run at 90mph in a car engineered to do much more than that. I agree - speeding through traffic is asinine, but I think hiding out (be it over a crest, behind a bush, whatever) with very questionable electronics and the ability to at-will issue and enforce such draconian penalties is crazy.

Good luck Aaron.
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