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I must have gotten the COOLEST judge in the county. He was in there giving EVERYONE probation before judgement. I was looking at $270, reckless driving for being 25 over, AND 4 points....yikes!! Instead I ended up with $150, including court costs, and NO POINTS. At one point he called this guy's name, and the nervous guy tried to say guilty with an explanation, then the judge said "ok, what do you want from me after you give me your explanation." The guy says, "Lower my fine and no points." And the Judge goes "nice going Cochran, you win the case." The whole courtroom bursts into laughter. All of this and there were STILL some IDIOTS who tried to plead not guilty to speeding charges...anyway, I'm very happy and this funny judge has restored my faith a tiny bit in our system. Not EVERYone is a jerk. My 2 cents....I hope you guys get as lucky as I did today.

BTW...speaking of jerks, the cop that had my ticket had 2 cases on the docket and the prick still showed up. When my prosecutor friend tried to tell him to take it easy on me, he was like "this kid has 6 priors, NO WAY..." what a jerk, he really had it in for me, digging into my past like that...even the insurance company doesn't see that far back.

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