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Jethro Tull
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W124 windshield/headlight wiper problem.

I seem to get all the weird ones...the "Geez....I ain't NEVER seen one do THAT before...." ones.

The patient is an '87 W124/300D sedan. The the wipers and washers (both headlight and windshield) work fine, all speed, wash & "delay" functions operate correctly, and all grounds & wiring appears to be intact.......but the headlight wipers "park" pointing "up" at the top of their stroke....and the windshield wiper parks exactly in the center of the windshield pointing straight up. With the vehicle off, you can (easily, without force) swing the windshield wiper down to it's correct "parked" position, but the moment you turn the key, it swings back to it's position of choice; straight up.

Any ideas? I'm "good" with electrical issues....but I'm starting to wonder if I need an exorcist.

Thanks for any/all input!

Jim Steere
Everything Automotive
Crystal, MI
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