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Jim - nice jab if amateurish. Truthfully, I was hoping to hear some cohesive logic. Let me clarify: I absolutely can admit when I'm wrong, just as I would if I received this ticket instead of Aaron.

You see, it's real simple pal: four points, a huge cash penalty and possible 60-day suspension of the license, not to mention the REAMING you'd get from your insurance company. All for opting to yes - break the law - and drive a "reckless" 90mph on the highway (any highway in any condition. Remember: it's a blanket law). It is an amazingly harsh penalty, in my opinion.

Here in California it's a $400 fine and a point or $250 and traffic school w/ no point (insurance penalty) if you go to school. Would I fight that here? Absolutely not. Do I think Ohio's penalty is waaaaay over and beyond reasonable punishment. Of course I do.

But the SOLUTION to fighting this is the cop. He HAS to become the bad guy to evade this penalty. And I say so what?! In the end game, will this officer feel a reprocussion because his ticket gets dismissed? No way. Will he be blamed because the prosecutor doesn't want to get their evidence submitted on-time? What? Is he wrong in using a tool to enforce law that has a history of being beaten again and again in court? No way - it's department policy, blessed by the state of Ohio. But the officer and the gun are the only ways out of this ticket.

Maybe you prefer to think that I have no accountability or conscience. But in this case it would appear that I have an awful lot to lose, just because some policy wonk determined that regardless of conditions, 90mph is the cutoff for what constitutes normal v. reckless operation and that should entail a fine of blah blah blah blah.

And you would just bend over and take the principle of it all? My hero.
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