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126 odd start

My 126 is starting in a manner that it hasn't done before. A little background. Been suffering from the classic rough idle for a while...took it into my tech (been working on MBs for 30 years)...made some adjustments to the CO, and put in a hotter set of plugs...he said that the thing that really needs to happen is a cleaning of the top end, which he says they have an $11,000 machine to do that...I'll do that when I get the time and money. For the time being...the idle is still a bit rough, but not near as much and not near as bad as before. Very livable and satisfied until I get that cleaning done.

Here is the deal though. Here lately (about 1-2 weeks after getting it back) whenever I start "chugs" when I start it and then runs fine. It's kind of like a carbureted engine when idling and you punch it really quick and it bogs down and then comes back. It has never done this before...even before with the worse idle. Any ideas??
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