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Greetings from a 1st time site user!

I have an '83 300TDT.... runs reasonably well @ 270k miles w/ most maintenance current. Located in mountains 50 miles from nearest foreign auto tech, much less dealership.

Have been plagued w/ the usual plethora of vacuum system leaks (door cells, rubber connections, etc.). Recently I've had trouble w/ engine still running (albeit roughly) after ignition turned off. Shuts off fine manually. Later, developed prob w/ climate control... on econo position,heat only comes out of defroster & dash vents. Found several leaky rubber connectors on vacuum lines in engine compartment & replaced them. Door locks & cruise control work OK, too. Unfortunately, my aftermarket service manual doesn't have a schematic on either the vacuum system or climate control.

My questionS.... 1) are the servos that operate the heater/defroster baffles electrically or vacuum controlled? 2)Basically, am I likely to have more vacuum leaks inside, under dash, or a bad climate control? 3) Is vacuum source only off of manifold or is there a pump, too?

Many thanks in advance for comments.

Bruce Body
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