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The 4-banger supercharged engine feels very rough at high engine speed. Also, BMW(Mercedes' main competitor)up-level the WHOLE 3-Series line ups. So, move the C-Class up is a wise choice IMO as the new C240 feels just as power as C230 Kompressor, but with more refined engine.

As for 4Matic, yes, it's offered on W201 E-Class since 1998(I think), but for 2000 on, 4Matic is also available on E430!!

If you want a 4-season luxury sedan, and don't like ML at some reason, E-Class with 4Matic is right for you!! Both M-Class and E-Class has the same 4Matic system, but in E-Class, there is no low-range( need anyway.. :p)

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