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Help!! 103 timing marks

Hi Guys,

I have searched but could not find any pics for this, I hope some one can help. I am trying to align the timing mark on my 89 300E with the 103 motor. My questions are:

1. What mark is the timing mark on the crank? I have a fin on the front of the lower timing cover, and the left edge of the crank sensor bracket. What do I use? Should it be on the number or the little line to the left or right of the T.

2. I see a dot on the lip of the crank, I feel like it should be straight up and down with the cam tower , at the 12 o'clock position. This aligns the cam locating pin to the left of the head at 9 o'clock, it the cam right?

3. What would be a common problem that a novice mechanic could do in replacing the head gasket on this motor that would keep it from starting.

Thanks guys for all of the help.

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