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300SDL serpintine belt broke

Well we were pulling into the driveway and turning the car around when the serpintine belt broke.
Now I really can't complain. The car has never left us stranded. and if it had to break, in the driveway was great. I turned it around ( with no power steering it was a bear) and went to Pep boys to get a new belt.
I reviewed the posts on replacing the belts and attacked it.
Took about 2 hours to do the job. However I did not remove the radiator as recommneded in the service manual supplement for the SDL. I was able to get the fan/clutch assembly aout without the removal. It took some tool fabrication but I did it.

I was hoping the car would not do anything like this. This is the car my Daughter drives and we will take her down to Texas A&M on Saturday. When that is done we are going to get rid of the car. We will have the SL and the 300TD. That will be all the 2 of us need.
I don't have the wagon finished yet. (rebuilding the AC system completely) I dicided it was more important to be with the kids thatn work on a car. So when they are both gone ( My son s up at OSU, we braught him ther last Friday.) I will have plenty of time to finish the wagon.

I am considering donating the car to Dallas Can Academy and writing it off on my taxes.
I would consider selling it if someone wants it as a parts car. But I can realize about $1000 on my taxes so I would have to get that from someone if they wanted it.
I'm not interested in the expaining that will have to be done with this car. Its a good car but its age is showing. And I'm just ready to get rid of it.
I may post it on the for sale area and if anyone really wants it I may consider it.

Back to the belt replacement. It was a fairly easy job. I found that not removing the radiator was actually faster, in my estimate. thatn removing it. But it did require some creative tools and working in a tight area between the radiator and the fan/clutch assembly. so I have a few scratch marks on the arm.

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