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Hi everyone,

I just noticed today that my left front wheel has about 10 times more brake dust on it than any other wheel. The other wheels are barely dirty after I washed it last weekend, but the front left is Almost black, and thats only after 4 days of driving. (I was out of town most of last week...)

Now here is what I have noticed. Under harder than normal braking, the left front seems to produce a griding feeling/sound.

The sound and feeling are only from the left front and not any of the other wheels.

Braking normally the car is perfect with the brakes, but braking hard, I can feel it in the left side only, and the amount of brake dust on that wheel compared to the others is a sign to me that something just is not right.

What could be causing this?

The fluid is full and in good condition.

The pads are quite new, with little wear on them.

Both the left and right side rotors appear to be identical in wear/surface texture.

The car does not pull to any side when braking hard or normal. the car stays dead straight under hard braking, even with my hands off the wheel.

This has me a bit worried. I am baffled at the more brake dust on the left front than on any other wheel, and I am baffled as tot he grinding sound/feeling from the left front, which is only coming from the left front.

Should I change my pads? have my wheel bearings checked? check for a frozen caliper? (if the caliper was frozen, wouldn't the car pull a bit to one side?)

What can I do to fix this problem?

Please advise, I'm getting scared to drive the car because I have a feeling I will either cause damage to the braking system, or the brakes will fail on me when driving.

Thanks for your help,


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