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The "210.072" would indicate that it's an E420. However, in the US anyways, the 210.072 was last sold in 1997. In 1998 it became the E430, which is a 210.070, so yes, for it to be a 2000 model E420 is confusing indeed, unless perhaps the E420 continued to be produced for other markets.
The E420 and E430 are different engine types, the E420 was an M119 motor and the E430 was the M113 motor. Since your car carries the identical chassis number as a US version car, I would assume it is close to identical to the US version and should have the M119 motor. Do you know how to tell the difference?
The easiest way is by the sparkplugs. On the M119 you should not be able to see the spark plug wires at all, should be hidden under long plastic covers. On the M113, you will see the plug wires on the side of the engine, and there will be 2 sparkplugs per cylinder, 8 spark plug wires on EACH side of the motor.
Are you POSITIVE it is a 2000 model year?
On the drivers door jamb should be a sticker, and in the corner of the sticker will be the month and year produced, for example 03/00 is March 2000. There may also be an emissio label on or near the radiator support, at the bottom of which will mention the model year. This of course is all based on US version vehicles, hopefully there will be similar info on your car.

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