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Thanks, the problem seems strange, because the brakes work great, there is just that grinding sensation ont he left front, and the brake dust being way more on that wheel alone.

When I checked the rotors I looked at them from the outer part and ran my finger over it. Thats why I meant by look and texture. the grooves or ridges are the same feeling on both sides. I will check the inside, maybe the inner pad is gone or something...

If I have to replace the rotors/pads, then thats what I'll be doing, I just want to be sure that the problem will be fixed.

I can't afford to pay for things that arent necessary at the moment...

I will submit a request to partsshop on the price of pads/rotors.

If anyone has any more info or advise, please let me know, I want to take care of the problem ASAP.

If doing the brakes means I gotta put off on getting my Euro lights, then thats what will have to happen. but I want to be sure that I either have a problem and what the fix is before I spend any money. perhaps just changing the pads or rotors, or maybe there is a stone wedged in there?

Thanks for the help, I look forward to more responses


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